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Carbon is the basic building blocks of life and the key difference in making our fertilizers and supplements great for your garden. We believe in providing tailor-made, soil specific, crop specific nutrition to help you get the best results. Our products are locally manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality and reliability on every application. With more than 15 years of successful use of our products in the agricultural industry, Umya Nutrients is making it possible for you to have the same success in your garden. Umya Nutrients focuses on Microorganisms, Soil Conditioners, Foliar Products, Liquid Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulators.

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No matter where you are in the country and no matter what you need, if you don’t find your grow supplies in our store we will source them for you, even if it means traveling to the opposite end of the globe!

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Snow Bud

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SnowBud is our second “High Altitude” variety. SnowBud is a hybrid of Afghani and South African genetics. As with Pamir Gold the selection work is done in the Swiss Alpes. SnowBud (60% Sat./ 40% Ind.) has a spicy (cinnamon), skunky smell and taste, smokes very smooth and has a medium “up high”. Healthy plants may reach 1.8 till 2.2 meters outdoors. Mold and mildew resistant. Yield: above average. Does also well indoors.The name SnowBud refers to the huge amount of white pistils in the female flowers (buds).

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