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Test the pH levels of water before and after any nutrients. Includes buffer powders, batteries and instruction manual.

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High Accuracy: Ensure Your Pool, General Hydroponics Ph or Even Drinking Water Has a Perfect Ph Balance and Safe for Use with Tester Precision Ph Accuracy. Tester Has a Sensitive Electrode Sensor to Read Accurate Ph Levels. The Included Detailed Manual Will Show You How to Get the Best Accurate and Stable Reading
Auto Calibration: The Ph Meter Has an Auto Temperature Compensation Feature That Adjusts to Water Temperatures and Water Quality to Give Ph Readings Almost Instantly. As Well, You Can Calibrate the Tester with One-Touch Button Using Buffer Powder.
Automatic Temperature Compensation: No more need to take care about the temperature of testing liquid, as ph meter has built-in (ATC) automatic temperature compensation, so that it can accurately determine pH value of the sample at any temperature in a range of 0°C - 80°C (32°F - 176°F)
Wide Use: Ideal for Household or Laboratory Use, Suitable for Testing Ph Balance of Drinking Water, Pool, Aquarium, Ro System, Spa, or hydroponics; Appropriate for Wide Range of Applications

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1 X Ph meter, buffer powders, batteries and instruction manual.

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