Critical Orange Punch

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Critical Orange Punch is a robust and strong cannabis plant. She has incredibly fruity and sticky buds that are strong smelling and may show some appealing colours during late bloom. When subjected to cold temperatures during late flowering she will develop beautiful dark, sometimes purple, hues on the leaves. This makes her a beautiful plant to behold.

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  • She is easy to grow under a wide variety of nutrient/grow conditions, ideal for beginners.
  • They are strong plants with a very fruity and earthy terpene profile.
  • Critical Orange Punch takes just 8 weeks to flower under favourable conditions, the plants reach medium/large size.
  • A fast grower, she is known for her high commercial yields of rock hard, sticky buds.

Critical Orange Punch has a fruity and earthy aroma with notes of orange, tangerine and lemon

Critical Orange Punch is a real fruit bomb! Due to her extensive genetic background she has a very complex terpene profile. She is bursting with delicious, tropical-smelling citrus-like terpenes. Orange, mandarin and lemon are the 3 most common scents and flavors. Most customers experience a wonderful fresh, fruity and sometimes creamy taste together with a stimulating feeling after inhaling.

With some phenotypes, the Kush background of this strain can come to the surface. This results in more berry and earthy flavors, both on the inhale & exhale.

Critical Orange Punch is easy to grow and has a high yield

This lady can take a beating. She is a strain that is suitable for beginners and will provide you with a delicious and heavy yield without too much effort! The plants thrive in all types of grow rooms and grow methods. She will flourish in a SOG and SCROG just as well as when she is left to grow naturally. Snapping and bending branches works well to create a more even foliage. A canopy of buds, where all buds receive approximately the same maximum light intensity, ensures the highest yield.

What kind of genetics does Critical Orange Punch contain?

This variety is a feminised photoperiod cannabis strain and the first Dutch Passion variety based on the excellent Kritikal Bilbo genetics from Spain. The breeding began by crossing elite cuttings of Grandaddy Purple and Orange Bud (producing ‘Orange Punch’). The result was a great taste experience but with below average yields. This strain was then crossed with a high yielding THC-rich Critical. This has significantly improved yields thanks to the vigour of the Critical parent.

Critical Orange Punch has thick compact buds that provide a good yield relatively quickly

Critical Orange Punch is a true hybrid cannabis plant. It is bigger than most Indica dominant plants and smaller than most Sativas. The hybrid structure ensures strong plants with large, heavy blooms and a relatively short flowering time.

During the beginning of the growth phase she can have a more Indica dominant look. But as time goes by she develops sturdy thick branches and leaves which show a true hybrid structure. This strain is suitable for the use of all kinds of growing techniques, such as LST, topping, fimming etc. She does well on soil but also does very well on hydro. This is a forgiving plant that can take a beating. Also try growing her completely organically, this will benefit her complex aroma and taste!

During the flowering phase the plants will stretch somewhat. Her internodal distance is medium which allows for a little more space between her round golf ball-like buds. At the beginning of the flowering phase, a lot of hairs develop in the blooms laying the foundation for the thick and compact flowers that will form afterwards.

The plant structure is best described as medium to large. The internode distance is also medium and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that will tend towards a 50/50 hybrid. Not thick leaves, not narrow, somewhere in between. She does well in both SOG and SCROG cultivation, actually nothing is too difficult for her. Even with 1 plant per m2 you can achieve great yields.

The genetics used for Critical Orange Punch guarantee the following properties:

  • A medium sized plant with sturdy stems and dense, tasty buds.
  • An easy-to-grow plant, suitable for beginners.
  • Penetrating, fruity and earthy aromas with a high yield.
  • Critical Orange Punch is ideal for beginners. It is easy to manage and does not require any special feeding schedules or growing techniques.

Effects of Critical Orange Punch

This hybrid cannabis strain guarantees a pleasant, relaxing effect. Most users experience a happy, energetic and relaxed feeling. Especially with the more Sativa leaning phenotypes, expect a particularly euphoric and uplifting high. Critical Orange Punch is a good daytime smoke given the hybrid effect of the high. Some users experience a strong "body stone" in the more Indica dominant phenotypes. These often smell and taste a bit more earthy/hash-like and a little less fruity. This is the more Kush-dominant phenotype.

The flowering time of Critical Orange Punch

Critical Orange Punch is a fast bloomer for a hybrid cannabis strain. On average, the flowering phase lasts about 8 weeks. This can differ according to the phenotype and can be a week faster or slower. Unfavourable growing conditions can cause delays, as is the case with all cannabis varieties.

The strain will continue to grow for about 2-3 weeks during the flowering phase, with most stretching in the first week of 12/12. The buds start to appear from the 2nd week. After about 3-4 weeks the plants are full of white flower hairs and the production of the buds can finally start!

The yield of Critical Orange Punch

Critical Orange Punch produces a high yield in a short period of time. Its XXL marking indicates that, in the right hands, this plant can ensure an incredibly good end result. Look for the most hybrid looking plants, these are the plants with the highest yield due to the larger heavy buds. On average, yields of 500-600g/m2 are possible. In the right hands and in the best conditions it is possible to exceed 600g/m2. However, this is only for the more experienced and dedicated growers.

Outdoors she can be very big and productive with yields up to 1-2 kg per plant. This only applies to growers with sufficient, good quality soil and ample sunshine each day. To achieve this yield, the plant will grow into a round bushy cannabis plant about 2.5-3m high with roughly the same width. She also does well in smaller pots and can yield hundreds of grams per plant. For the best result, she is best grown in a Mediterranean climate or in a moderate climate with a good late summer.

Advice from our experts

Do you want to achieve the highest possible yield in your grow tent? Then we recommend giving her a try in a SCROG culture. With this growing method you can achieve extremely high yields. We recommend defoliating her several times and removing lower branches, so that more fresh air comes through the dense foliage. This ensures a constant, fresh supply of both oxygen and CO2, important building blocks for a healthy plant and high yield.

Information about Critical Orange Punch

Critical Orange Punch is a robust and strong cannabis plant. She has incredibly fruity and sticky buds that are strong smelling and may show some appealing colours during late bloom. When subjected to cold temperatures during late flowering she will develop beautiful dark, sometimes purple, hues on the leaves. This makes her a beautiful plant to behold.

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